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Breastfeeding Beyond Toddlerhood: Why Support Matters

Rita Brhel, Hastings, Nebraska From my experience supporting breastfeeding mothers, many do not set out to breastfeed beyond toddlerhood. While these mothers know they are doing what they feel is right for their families, each of them struggled… Read More

Toddler Tips: Fostering Independence

“My daughter will be three in a few months and wants me to play with her constantly. I thought that she would begin to spend more time independently as she got a little older, but she just seems… Read More

Ashley’s Story: Pumping Past One Year

By Ashley Smith, Deatsville, Alabama I’m a full-time working mother. My daughter recently turned one year old. She still nurses often when we’re together, and I pump for her when we’re not together. To my surprise, nursing after… Read More