One of Those Moms

Mother playing with her toddler son, both laughing.Rebecca H. McCormick, Fairfax City, Virginia

“But we can agree that it gets weird after they turn two, right?”
I bit my lip in lieu of responding. A year before, I might have agreed with my best friend of 20 years. I might have said that I’d never be “one of those moms” who doesn’t know when to end a good thing. I would have eye rolled at the idea or scoffed and quipped about wanting my body back.

But I didn’t. He was 13 months old, and I didn’t see an end in sight. Sure, I would have loved to sleep a little longer, eat out a little more, have a few more evenings alone with my spouse. But was that all worth the price of weaning? No. At least, not yet.

As parents, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees at times. We are so bombarded by advice. “It’ll all go by so fast!” “You won’t believe how fast they grow up!” “Cherish these moments because they’ll be gone before you know it!” We give a wan smile and nod as if they’ve imparted true wisdom.

Then the baby comes. All we thought we knew or read suddenly seems very unreal compared to the VERY real baby in our arms.

And then, they start to nurse. It hurts, and then it doesn’t hurt. It’s frustrating, and then it becomes easy. It’s the answer to every problem; the balm for every cry.

Why would I want to give that up? Why would I want to give up that magic power to right every wrong in his life?

We realize that all that unsolicited advice about babies growing up so fast is true. That tiny newborn has already become a toddler, but it doesn’t mean that their needs are any less important.

No, I think I’ll go ahead and be “one of those moms.”

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