We Need Your Help!

As we start the new year, New Beginnings would like to extend an invitation to you to join our family of contributors. Year after year, we welcome parents who are eager to share their experiences with other parents… Read More

Breastfeeding Your Distracted Baby

Recently, the La Leche League USA Facebook page shared a parent’s concern about her distracted nursling: “Jacquie J. asks, ‘My five month old barely seems to want to do anything but nurse during the day and then nurses… Read More

What Would You Say? Sharing Your Experiences and Ideas with Others

By Amy Nelson, Yankton, South Dakota Throughout my years as a breastfeeding mother, I sought support from a variety of resources, most made available thanks to La Leche League. I attended monthly Series meetings, and there was nothing… Read More

Help Wanted

Who is it that makes La Leche League so special and effective as a source of breastfeeding and mothering support? You. That’s who! For 60 years, mothers like you have provided a place for mothers to turn to… Read More