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Image by Shutterstock; mother with two kids chillingDear Readers,

New Beginnings would like to encourage you to share your human milk feeding and parenting stories. Your perspectives and experiences provide encouragement and information to other readers. Personal stories shared through New Beginnings also serve to educate and inspire families and breastfeeding supporters about the barriers some parents face in their human milk feeding journeys and ways they might overcome challenges and celebrate their successes

As an added incentive for writing for the blog, La Leche League USA and New Beginnings will hold periodic drawings for gift cards for blog contributors. Everyone who makes a submission will be entered into these drawings.

Are you wondering what you might write about?

Topics and experiences include but are not limited to the following:

  • Birth stories
  • Human milk feeding (breastfeeding, chestfeeding, supplementing, etc.)
  • Gentle discipline
  • Recipes/nutrition
  • Book reviews
  • Self-care through parenthood
  • Funny human milk feeding stories
  • Sweet things your nursling has said
  • Family activities for various ages
  • Balancing work and parenting (especially stories about specific jobs)
  • Travel tips (traveling with little ones, pumping on the go, storing human milk, etc.)
  • Raising siblings (tandem nursing, nursing a newborn while having an older child at home, etc.)
  • Family relationships (partners, extended family such as grandparents, dealing with criticism, etc.)
  • Challenges (mastitis, low milk supply, oversupply, premature birth, illness of parent or child, allergies, weaning, nursing manners, etc.)
  • Co-parenting/visitation/divorce
  • Human milk feeding from the lens of a support person (partner, grandparent, etc.)
  • Role of La Leche League in your parenting

We are also actively seeking contributors for National Breastfeeding Month, which is in August. You can find more information about the needs for that month, including deadlines and story ideas here.

We would love to hear from you, either as a regular contributor or to share one story. Writing your stories can fit into bits of free time that you have. The average blog post is between 700-900 words. Stories should reflect La Leche League philosophy and be told in your own voice. There is no specific style of writing that you need to use. Narratives, reflections from the past, poetry, creative writing, photographs, artwork, and more are all welcome. If you have a story you are willing to share but need assistance, we will help you get it down for the blog by arranging a phone call or exchanging emails in a question and answer style.

Si tienes una historia que compartir o quieres contribuir con algún artículo a nuestro blog, no dudes en escribirla en español. Nos encargaremos de la traducción al inglés.

Please send your questions and/or story submissions to Kylie at [email protected]. We’re excited to hear from you and share your stories.

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