Gwendolyn’s Poem: Matilde

By Gwendolyn B., Charlottesville VA

La Leche League was a lifeline for me in the early days of nursing. When I was pregnant with my second child, I began reading and working towards becoming an LLL Leader. We wound up tandem nursing for a year while I finished becoming an LLL Leader via Zoom. My local mentors have been so supportive, and it was amazing to learn from experienced LLL Leaders. My children love coming to LLL meetings and being around sweet little nurslings, and I am so glad to be part of LLL and paying it forward.

Matilde from the time when the poem was written (2016)

She grips with purpose

From the first she nursed like her life depended on it… well…

Like it was her job.


The breeze and the wind chime,

The gerbera daisies, flowerless

Such a steady hold of my thumb

As I grip with purpose:

The web of veins on her eyelids,

The whorl of cowlick at her hairline;

How will she think of that at 10, 15, 31?

At 31 she will love it, and each of her body’s quirks:

Her ‘fancy ear’ with the crimps,

Her twin second and third toes, like her mother’s.

It’s gray enough to sit on the terrace to nurse –

The first time in her nine weeks earthside.

To me it feels like home.

Of course we are “living in a poem…”

(And she sleeps on my shoulder

So I can type with one hand).

Me with both kiddos last summer

We hope our readers enjoyed this poem reflecting on the beauty of parenthood and the details of our children. If you’d like to share your own reflections and stories from parenthood and breastfeeding, we’d love to hear them! Please send your stories to Kylie at [email protected]

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