How Do I Make Pumping At Work More Enjoyable?

Let’s face it. Pumping at work probably isn’t the highlight of your day. If that’s the case, you’re definitely not alone. Jane W. recently posed a question to La Leche League USA: “I hate pumping at work. What do you do to make the time more enjoyable?” Our readers took to Facebook and shared what works for them – anything from streaming their favorite show to closing their eyes and enjoying peace and quiet for a few minutes. Read on for a few highlights and then take a look at the original post and the rest of the suggestions at

Nicole Pumping

I took lots of videos of my little one so I could watch them at work while pumping. I actually noticed an increase in how much I pumped. I also liked listening to audio books and watching Netflix. – Katrina Valdivia Crane, Facebook

Meditation, catch up on a Netflix show. I decided to take it as a moment at work to remind myself what’s really important (me and my family) and slow down for a minute. I always had a relaxing snack and had some me time. – Jennifer Crutcher, Facebook

My babies never slept through the night, so pumping at work was at least a 15-minute break where I could close my eyes and get some peace and quiet, knowing people couldn’t interrupt me! – Bethany Lukacs, Facebook

I watched movies or television shows on my tablet while pumping. It made the time go by so fast. I would download Netflix shows at home and wouldn’t need Internet access while pumping. – Megan Nelson, Facebook

I pack “pumping treats” so I have cookies and chocolate to look forward to once I go to pump. – Danyelle Garlitz, Facebook

I played puzzle games on my phone. It made me forget all about how much I loathed pumping and I swear I was actually able to pump more because I was actually relaxed and not sitting there watching the pump fretting about whether or not I was getting enough. – Nicole Chambers Zeigler, Facebook

Megan and Her Family

I would sit and watch silly videos of my son on my phone. It was the highlight of my day to take those breaks and get to see my baby. – Aubrie Adamo, Facebook

Listen to an audiobook! It helped pass the time and actually helped me look forward to the “down time.” At home, I would time pumping with a new episode of a favorite show. Same concept. – Krista Leann Peebles, Facebook

Snacks and lunch…I was always hungry! I worked evenings so I also would FaceTime my husband and baby to say good night. It helped get through the time away. – Brandy Anne Miller, Facebook

I would read a book or take my laptop into the room with me and just work. That way I wasn’t paying attention to how much I was producing and not having to worry about all the stuff I had to do when I got back to my desk. I was able to just do it. – Genny Walters, Facebook

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