I’m Failing At This!

Jessica Halley, Oklahoma

Several years ago I was struggling with my first baby (trouble latching, crying, etc.) when my mother came in and said, “Let’s get you some help.” I said, “No! I can’t see anyone. I’m failing at this!”

She came back a while later and handed me the phone. She said, “Here. Sue wants to talk to you if you don’t mind.”

“Who is Sue?” I asked.

“She’s from La Leche League. Just talk to her. I wish I had known about La Leche League when you were little. She can help.”

Reluctantly, I talked to Sue. Sue heard me. She confirmed how I was feeling. She gave me suggestions about giving my baby pumped milk in ways other than with a bottle. This was my biggest concern. I was worried about nipple confusion and really wanted to succeed at breastfeeding. Sue asked me if I went online and I said yes.

She suggested I follow the La Leche League USA Facebook page and find a local group.

The rest is history! I found the support I needed, I connected with other breastfeeding parents, I found in-person gatherings, and I became a Leader. I am so blessed to be “Sue” for many families today. Sue, if you are reading this, thank you!

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