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Sara’s baby is four weeks old, and Sara is exhausted. Sara is still trying to adjust to frequent night waking and wonders if it’s time to let her partner take over nighttime feedings so she can get more uninterrupted sleep. But how will that affect her milk supply if she stops nursing at night? Should she just stick it out for another month to see if her baby’s sleep routine changes?

Sara turns to her phone, taps the “Join Meeting” link, and within minutes she sees the faces of other parents, including the La Leche League Leader she chatted with just after her baby was born, pop up on her screen. Soon, Sara is asking the other parents about their own experiences with newborns and nighttime parenting. Before she knows it, Sara has compiled a list of ideas to help her through this stage of parenting. While she doesn’t know which of these suggestions will work for her, she feels relief that others have been through something similar. Later, as she leaves the meeting, she glances down at her baby sleeping in her arms and is grateful for this hour of connection and support she just experienced without leaving home.

Mother checking her phone while holding babyLa Leche League USA continues to offer virtual meetings, and many parents like Sara have found information and support online with Group gatherings. During these meetings, La Leche League Leaders are able to provide information about breastfeeding, chestfeeding, pumping, and combination feeding. Not only do online meetings connect you to a Leader, they also offer an excellent opportunity for you to share your experiences with other parents.

Meetings are available throughout the week on different days and at a variety of times. For the most up to date list of available meetings, go to

Individual help is also available. Find Leader contact information on the LLL USA Leader Locator. It is continually updated and can be found at

While large, in-person gatherings are not yet being held by LLL USA Areas, La Leche League of Wisconsin, along with the Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants, will hold an online event November 4-5. According to Hannah Luedtke, Coordinator of Events for LLL of Wisconsin, this conference will not only provide continuing education credits for professionals but will also be a great opportunity for anyone interested in lactation issues.

“LLL of Wisconsin is partnering with Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants (WALC) to run a virtual conference. This year’s featured speakers are Anna Brauch, Lisa Marasco, and Zoua Lee and Tiffany Yang from the Hmong Breastfeeding Coalition of Minnesota. Each day will offer two back-to-back sessions for a total of three hours per day. Attendees should expect to gain information on working with queer and trans families, the importance of storytelling to continue breastfeeding traditions, and how lactogenic food can be used by lactating parents.”

For more information about this conference and to register, go to


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