What is Live, Love Latch®?

Live, Love, Latch!® is a National Breastfeeding Month celebration presented by La Leche League USA (LLL USA) and hosted by LLL USA Groups throughout the country.

Live, Love, Latch!® events are designed to not only celebrate breastfeeding, but to also highlight community support. All in attendance at a Live, Love, Latch!® event will be counted as participants, who declare their support of breastfeeding in their local community and beyond.

How can I find out if there's a Live, Love, Latch!® near me?

You can search for a location on this page. New locations are added throughout August, so check back often!

If a location has not been established in your area yet, try contacting your local Leader or Group to see if something is still in the planning stages. Please consider offering to help with planning or setting up the event, as Leaders are also volunteers with busy schedules! Find a Leader near you at: https://lllusa.org/locator/.

How is this event different from other breastfeeding events?

Live, Love, Latch!® is a celebratory event from LLL USA. Its purpose is to celebrate and recognize all the people in the community who support breastfeeding and can help nursing parents reach their goals. The focus is not on the act of breastfeeding or on breastmilk, but on breastfeeding support networks. Anyone who supports breastfeeding is welcome to attend, sign the Declaration of Breastfeeding Support, and be counted!

Can I host a Live, Love, Latch!®
Any accredited LLL USA Leader may host a Live, Love, Latch!® If you are not an LLL USA Leader, contact a Group near you for more information on events (or leadership!).
What counts as a Live, Love, Latch!®?

Any in-person celebration hosted (or co-hosted) by an accredited LLL USA Leader between August 1 and 31. This could be a picnic, a 5k walk, a festival, or other similar gathering. Attendance totals must be submitted by September 7th to be included in the final tally.

What doesn't count as a Live, Love, Latch!®?

An event held by someone other than an accredited LLL USA Leader, or an event that is not advertised as being a part of the Live, Love, Latch!® celebration will not be able to be included as attendance. Tables or booths at fairs would not count as a gathering of breastfeeding supporters, unless the overall event is hosted/co-hosted by an LLL USA Leader and Live, Love, Latch! is part of the regular advertising for the event as a whole. Live, Love, Latch!® is a celebration open to ALL breastfeeding supporters, so events must reflect this.

*Leaders, please note that regularly scheduled Series Meetings do not count for this event. If you have a celebration prior to or following your meeting, that is fine, but a regular meeting's attendance cannot be included in this event!

What do I need to do to hold a Live, Love, Latch!®?

Read the Guidelines for Hosting page, then register your event. You access a resource list that will allow you to download the promotional flyer (or logo, if you want to create your own), Declaration of Breastfeeding Support, sign-in sheet, and many other helpful files on the LLL USA Leaders Page. Your event must be advertised as a Live, Love, Latch!® location and you must use the Declaration and accompanying sign-in sheet.

The rest of the details are up to you! Keep in mind that Live, Love, Latch! is a celebration open to ALL breastfeeding supporters, so events must reflect this.

Can I count the people at my Big Latch On or other event?
You may include other World Breastfeeding Week or National Breastfeeding Month festivities as part of your Live, Love, Latch!®.
How do I report the attendance from our Live, Love, Latch!®?
We will email you the link to report your attendance after your event has been held.
Can I register more than one event?
Yes! If your Live, Love, Latch!® will take place over several days in August, please register for each location so that you will be seen accurately on the map, and so that we can advertise all the parts of your celebration.