Guidelines for Hosting

1. Event must be held between August 1-31, which is National Breastfeeding Month in the United States. 

2. Event must be registered on the Live, Love, Latch!® website in order for declarations to be included in the count for the year.

3. Events must be hosted, or co-hosted, by an active Leader with a primary connection to an Area affiliated with LLL USA.

4. Sponsors, partners, donors, and co-hosts must be in compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. Please review the Policy & Standing Rules Notebook for more information on cooperative action, ethics, and the WHO Code. Contact your Area Coordinator of Leaders for assistance if you are unsure on how to proceed.

5. Live, Love, Latch!® is a celebration open to ALL breastfeeding supporters.  Events must reflect this.

6. Please note that regularly scheduled Series Meetings do not qualify. You may host a celebration prior to or following your meeting, but a regular meeting’s attendance cannot be included!

7. The digital Declaration of Breastfeeding Support must be used together with the accompanying digital sign in sheet. These documents can be found in the resource list that is emailed after registration. Leaders and those in their party should also be signed on this document and counted toward the year’s total. One signature per party is adequate. Other sign in style sheets are not accepted in place of the Declaration.

8. You may use the default promotional materials in the resource list, or download the logo to create your own materials. Please note that you may not alter the logo in any way.

9. Live, Love, Latch!®  is a signature LLL USA event. You may include other World Breastfeeding Week or National Breastfeeding Month festivities as part of your celebration.

10. You may host multiple events, or an event that is held over several days. If your Live, Love, Latch!® event will take place over several days in August, please register for each part so that you will be seen accurately on the events listing, and so that we can advertise all the parts of your celebration.

11. Declaration counts must be submitted by 23:59:59 EST September 7 in order to be included in the total released on September 8.

12. Please note that your Declaration count should not be included in your regular LLL activity reports to your Area. Declaration counts for Live, Love, Latch!®  will be submitted directly to LLL USA by the Live, Love, Latch!® Committee.