Oh, The Places You See Breastfeeding (For The First Time)!

It’s been far too long since New Beginnings ran the feature “Oh, The Places A Breastfeeding Family Goes!” This is due, in part, to the pandemic and the lack of travel on the part of many of us. As we wait for travel opportunities to safely open up for more and more families, and to be able to share the experiences of nursing farther away from home and on the go, we thought it would be fun for our readers to look back and recall when and where they first saw someone breastfeeding.

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Three mothers at a LLL meeting 2 are breastfeedingSome readers recall growing up surrounded by breastfeeding friends and relatives. Whitney E. has childhood moments that include seeing her extended family nursing their little ones at family gatherings.

“All of my older cousins breastfed their babies. I’ve nursed my three babies. My boys who are seven and nine are pretty in awe of watching me nurse their baby sister, too. I love it. It’s natural and normal.”

Others, like Judi T., first saw a non-family member breastfeeding – in her case it took place in the classroom!

“It was at university when I was 18 and my anthropology professor nursed while presenting a lecture. I don’t recall the baby (who was in a sling) ever making a noise.”

For many, La Leche League meetings gave them their first glimpse at a breastfeeding relationship.

Laura P. was 12 when she saw a La Leche League Leader breastfeeding her toddler. Laura, who is now a Leader herself, kept this experience with her throughout the years.

“She was a Leader at the time. I think I was 12 and her son was 18 months. Then, when it was my turn to breastfeed, I reached out to her.”

Still others, like Ariel R., didn’t witness breastfeeding until they introduced their own newborn to the breast.

“I was in the hospital and nursing my newborn. I saw me breastfeeding. That was the first time.”

Why does that first memory stand out for so many of you? When you see someone breastfeeding, whether in person or on social media, that experience helps normalize it in your own life. It also increases the likelihood that you will breastfeed or that you will consider it as an option.

We love to see your pictures and read about your experiences. Breastfeeding, chestfeeding and human milk feeding look different for every family, and we welcome your stories.

For more information about preparing for your journey, please see the resources listed below. As we often say in La Leche League, take what works for you and leave the rest.


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