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Easing the Distress of Major Surgery: Part II

Shannon Gill, Denver, Colorado Originally published in Close to the Heart (LLL Asia & Middle East’s periodical magazine) Vol 17, No. 1. Editor’s Note: Part I of Shannon and Hunter’s story was published on the New Beginnings blog on July… Read More

Easing the Distress of Major Surgery: Part I

Shannon Gill, Denver, Colorado Originally published in Close to the Heart (LLL Asia & Middle East’s periodical magazine) Vol 17, No. 1. Last July, my husband and I were dreading the 7,000-mile flight with our 17-month-old son from Hong Kong… Read More

Looking Back: Solutions to Biting

Nancy Peterson, North Carolina Originally published in the September-October 1985 issue of New Beginnings Editor’s Note: The first issue of La Leche League News, the bimonthly publication for members, was published in 1958. The name changed to New Beginnings in 1985. New Beginnings continued to… Read More

Toddler Breastfeeding: The Rainbow After the Rain

Kendra Atkins-Boyce, Portland, Oregon Breastfeeding my toddlers has been one of the best experiences of my life. It’s the rainbow after the rain; all the sore nipples, positioning challenges, and tired arms of early breastfeeding faded away when my… Read More

Out of the Mouths of Nurslings

Has your child ever said something so clever, endearing, hilarious or simply surprising that you couldn’t help but share it with those around you? Our new feature, Out of the Mouths of Nurslings, gives breastfeeding parents a place… Read More

Breastfeeding Through Clubfoot Treatment

Heather Iverson, West Michigan It is overwhelming to find out your baby has clubfoot. When our son was born and we found out he had unilateral clubfoot, I didn’t give a second thought about how it would impact… Read More

One of Those Moms

Rebecca H. McCormick, Fairfax City, Virginia “But we can agree that it gets weird after they turn two, right?” I bit my lip in lieu of responding. A year before, I might have agreed with my best friend… Read More

My Journey: Non-binary Nursing

Evan Joy This post was originally published at Somewhere near the beginning of my twenties, I began to identify as genderqueer. Now that I’m older, I sometimes refer to myself as non-binary because it sounds softer; worn in like a favorite… Read More

Breastfeeding Through the Years

Allyson Wessells, Columbus, Ohio Breastfeeding is a journey, and it involves a lot of learning in the early days and weeks until months later when it can be so automatic that life without nursing is unimaginable. As the… Read More

Tandem Nursing While Pregnant

Jade Originally published on April 27, 2017, at I’ve written about breastfeeding a lot since I had Luna a little over three years ago, and I will continue to write about my experience long after our journey… Read More