Tips For Attending In-Person La Leche League Meetings

Come as you are image lll meetingsMany La Leche League USA Groups are beginning to hold in-person meetings again after meeting virtually over the past couple years due to the pandemic. Since in-person meetings have been suspended for a while, many parents haven’t yet had the chance to gather with others outside of their home. And, perhaps attending in-person meetings was a regular occurrence with an older child, but not something yet experienced with a younger sibling.

La Leche League Leader Debbi Heffern recently shared some tips with parents in her area who are just now getting the chance to experience in-person meetings – and especially those meetings held in the evenings.

“In our Group, a baby who was just born and attended our last 2020 meeting before shut-down will now be returning as the big sister! It’s been a lifetime for these parents.”

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Following are some tips for introducing outings to La Leche League Group meetings into your routine. We hope these ideas will help make the transition easier for both you and your nursling:

  • Bring a blanket for the floor or outdoor location.
  • Near the end of the meeting, change your baby’s diaper.
  • Nurse as you feel comfortable, especially toward the end of the meeting.
  • Many babies will fall asleep in the car on the way home.

For nighttime meetings in particular:

  • Bring your baby already dressed in pajamas.
  • Nurse as the meeting winds down (remember to change your baby’s diaper, too).
  • Keep the lights low as you transfer your baby inside your home.
  • If baby rouses a bit, rock or nurse your little one back into a deeper sleep.

After all meetings, in-person and virtual:

  • Enjoy a quiet moment to cherish and reflect on your evening or morning of information, friends, and terrific support!
  • Mark your calendar for the next meeting

Come as you are image lll meetingsAnd virtual meetings continue in many locations. Perhaps the times/days of your local in-person meetings do not fit in your schedule or you might not be ready to venture out to a meeting yet.  No worries! Online meetings may offer a way to connect in an informal and friendly way without leaving your home or workplace. Check out the meetings on the La Leche League USA Facebook page (under the Events tab).

Are you wondering what to expect at a La Leche League meeting? Take a look at the links in our Resources section for more information. Group meetings are meant to be relaxed and low stress. We encourage you to come as you are!


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