Upcoming LLL USA Events

Smiling mother holding her laughing baby up in the airAs 2018 kicks off, LLL USA events are being planned across the country. Check back often to find a family-friendly event near you. These conferences and workshops are excellent opportunities to gather the latest breastfeeding information and to connect with other breastfeeding/chestfeeding families. If you would like to share information about an upcoming event, please send details to [email protected].

March 17, 2018: LLL of US West Area Network USW-sponsored Day, Phoenix, AZ. For more information, contact Rene at [email protected].

Regularly scheduled Series Meetings and CafesDon’t forget that there are regularly scheduled Series Meetings and Cafes taking place throughout the United States. Connect with other parents near you by locating a meeting at www.lllusa.org/locator/.

La Leche League International (LLLI) has recently announced that it will be launching a series of webinars in 2018. Stay tuned for more information!

Also consider looking back at resources including LLLI’s collection of podcasts. These include LLLI Founder Marian Tompson answering the question “What does LLLI have to offer?”, Hilary Flowers discussing gentle discipline, and much more. These classic talks offer much that is still relevant today and can be found at  www.llli.org/podcasts.html?m=0,0,8.

Please send your story ideas to Amy at [email protected].

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