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Parents are more likely to feel confident about breastfeeding and nurse for a longer time period if they feel supported by their family, friends, and community.  Often, those parents who do not have this support can often feel more overwhelmed and wean earlier than their original goal. Here are a collection of blog entries that may help you or a loved one better meet your nursing goals.

Preparing for your Baby 

Supporting New Parents, LLL USA

What I Wish I Knew About Breastfeeding the First Time Around, LLL USA blog

Four Promises I’ve Made To Myself And My Second Baby, LLL USA blog

La Leche League: My Safe Space, LLL USA blog

Continuing Support through La Leche League, LLL USA blog

Single Parenthood: Finding My Community, LLL USA blog

Finding Your People, LLLI blog

I Finally Feel Like Her Mother, LLL USA blog

Breastfeeding Camaraderie, LLL USA blog


Family Support

When Your Partner Gives Birth: What You Can Do to Help, LLL USA blog

Partners in Breastfeeding: Mothers Tell Why Support Matters, LLL USA blog

How Men in My Family Support Breastfeeding, LLL USA blog

La Leche League’s Impact on My Life: A Father’s Perspective, LLL USA blog

My Partner’s Unwavering Support, LLL USA blog

The Dad of a Breastfed Toddler, LLLI blog

Partners in Parenting, LLL USA blog

Couple Time: Finding Time for Two After Your Family Becomes Three, LLL USA blog


Toddler Nursing 

Breastfeeding Through the Years, LLL USA blog

Toddler Breastfeeding: The Rainbow After the Rain, LLL USA blog

One of Those Moms: Reflections on Toddler Nursing, LLL USA blog

Tandem Nursing While Pregnant, LLL USA blog

Ashley’s Story: Pumping Past One Year, LLL USA blog

Breastfeeding Beyond Toddlerhood: Why Support Matters, LLL USA blog

The Dad of a Breastfed Toddler, LLLI blog


Balancing the Needs of Siblings

A Balancing Act: As Families Grow, LLL USA blog

Preparing a Child to Attend the Birth of a Sibling, LLL USA blog


Traveling while Breastfeeding

Traveling with a Breastfed Baby, LLL USA blog

Have Baby, Will Travel, LLL USA blog

Travel On and Breastfeed, LLL USA blog

Traveling with a Breastfed Toddler, LLL USA blog

Traveling With Fen, LLL USA blog

Toddler Tips: Preparing for a Family Vacation, LLL USA blog

La Leche League: Breastfeeding Support and the Military Family, LLL USA blog



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