2021: Voices From New Beginnings

Editor’s Note: As the year draws to a close, New Beginnings is using this final week of the year to take a look back at just a sampling of the stories that were shared by parents throughout the United States and overseas and grabbed our attention. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our weekly blog posts and sharing these stories of parenting struggles and successes.

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Amanda with her babyBreastfeeding During A Pandemic: Making It Work (From Home) lllusa.org/breastfeeding-during-a-pandemic-making-it-work-from-home/

Amanda Sweet shares how she and her husband adjusted to working from home, balancing childcare, household responsibilities, virtual school for their children, as well as welcoming a newborn during the pandemic.

Reading Recommendations: La Leche League USA (Goodreads) Bookshelf lllusa.org/reading-recommendations-la-leche-league-usa-goodreads-bookshelf/

Are you familiar with the LLL USA bookshelf on Goodreads? The bookshelf encompasses a variety of topics – everything from LLL classics such as The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding to parenting and childbirth books and children’s stories. If you’d like to read more on a subject that came up at a Series Meeting, you will probably find the perfect book on this list.

An Update On Indigenous Milk Medicine Week lllusa.org/an-update-on-indigenous-milk-medicine-week/

Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk, founder of Indigenous Milk Medicine Week (formerly Native Breastfeeding Week) provided an update about the Week as well as ways to raise awareness about lactation issues in Indigenous communities throughout the year.

The Making of Asian Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Task Force: A Family Story lllusa.org/the-making-of-asian-pacific-islander-breastfeeding-task-force-a-family-story/

In 2021, “Reclaiming Our Tradition” was the theme for the inaugural Asian and Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Week. To-wen Tseng, who helped found the Asian and Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Task Force shared the story of how the task force and the Week came to be, and how her children played an integral role in the process.

Black Breastfeeding Week: Sarai’s Story lllusa.org/black-breastfeeding-week-sarais-story/

During Black Breastfeeding Week, which was celebrated August 25-31, 2021, Sarai shared her story of how her own breastfeeding struggles led to her reach out to other Black families in her work as a doula.

Erin’s Story: My NICU Experience And Breastfeeding Challenges lllusa.org/erins-story-my-nicu-experience-and-breastfeeding-challenges/

Erin’s daughter was born at 38 weeks after placental failure. Erin shared about her time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the breastfeeding challenges they faced during that time and in the following weeks.

Drive Time: Soothing My Fussy Baby lllusa.org/drive-time-soothing-my-fussy-baby/

Marcie recalls a challenging period with her fussy baby and her various attempts to soothe and calm her, including nighttime drives.

Encouragement Through the Struggles: Part 2 lllusa.org/encouragement-through-the-struggles-part-ii/

How do you help someone who is struggling with breastfeeding? Readers shared practical and encouraging ideas to make it through rough patches and successfully continue nursing.

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